Cases of Infidelity in a Relationship

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As per the result of a survey conducted in the Netherlands it is observed that 109 men and 109 women had at least one extramarital affair, 70% reveals a need for variety, implies that she or he had a need for sexual diversity. 93% mentioned attraction to third person, 81% pointed out that the sexual circumstances simply went that far, 43% shows marital deprivation signifying that there was something lacking in the relationship or annoyance with their sexual relationship, 62% revealed pressure by the extramarital partner and 8% mentioned aggression that he or she was annoyed and wanted to take vengeance on their spouse. (Buunk, 1984).

The liberalization of sexuality, along with the friendly reception of premarital and extramarital sex as well as homosexual relationships has destabilized the status of married couples, taking into account at the same time, for the growth of alternative models of kinship. Love should not be abridged to material possession or identified with the fulfillment of sexual wishes; it is a blend of three elements: intimacy, passion and dedication. In order for a relationship between two people to…
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