Cash And Credit Cards : Cash Or Credit Card

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In today’s economy, cash or a credit card is needed to meet the basic human needs. It is an apparent fact that we need cash or credit cards to purchase items such as food, clothing, and to buy gas. Also, when you are out shopping and discover that you have used all the cash in your possession, it is then that you realize that the advantage of having a credit card. Furthermore, with cash, you are restricted to the amount in your wallet or purse; however, a credit card allows you to pay for your purchase at a later date. Both cash and credit cards can be useful when you manage them wisely. While cash and credit cards are similar in that they both are readily accessible, used for goods and services at the time of purchase, they are dissimilar because of theft, high- interest rates, identity theft. Both cash and credit cards are similar in that they both are easy to carry around, and are used to pay for goods and service at the time of purchase. When making a purchase using cash, the items are paid for in full. Cash is acknowledged in every establishment such as department stores, food chains, grocery stories, as well as schools, and more. Moreover, using your money to pay monthly bills carries substantial benefits such as increasing your credit rating. When purchasing items with a credit card or cash, it permits you to pay for all your items in full. Equally, most credit cards are also widely accepted at various restaurants, universities, clothing stores, movie

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