Essay Cash Crop: The Silent Killer

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Man’s power and status creates a love for money. Most people see money as an idol god, and because of the recession, and the greed of the few who caused it, money has become the root of all evil in our society. Money actually propagates inequality because of the selfishness it promotes in humanity. Tobacco Companies’ love of money causes them to continue to promote and sell tobacco products even though these products are excessively harmful to their customers. During advertising campaigns, tobacco advertisers research people most likely to use their product and target that audience by mentioning the positives of using tobacco. Tobacco companies attempt to sell their products through carefully crafted messages accompanying every tobacco…show more content…
“Since the tobacco companies know that advertisement is a big contributing factor to their success, they spend about 34.1 million a day on marketing just in the United States alone” (Brazzle). Instead of the government taking direct action to put enough restrictions on tobacco products that damages people’s health, they would rather collect the tax dollars. “The government expects to make about 33 billion dollars over the next four to five years from tobacco products” (Brazzale). Ironically, they plan to put some of the money toward health insurance, yet they are causing health problems by the production of tobacco. The health of the people is insignificant to the government as long as the tax dollars made from the tobacco industry is helping build-up the economy. “In 1995, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration try to control nicotine production, which is in most tobacco products, as a drug placing restrictions on the sale and marketing of products that contain it. However, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled five years later that the FDA had no control over tobacco production” (Gale). The government is fully aware of the harmful effects of tobacco, yet they overlook the morality. Even though the Gettysburg Address is a significant part of United States history stating, the government of the people, by the people, for the people, the government’s only concern is money according to the Supreme Court ruling in 1995. The health of young adults is in

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