Cash Flow Statements Of Yum Brands, Inc.

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This paper reviews the Cash Flow Statements of Yum Brands, Inc., Panera Bread, and Starbucks documented by case study 10-10 in our textbook for the purpose of analyzing financial health based on cash flow data. (Gibson, 2013). Cash Flow Data (Case 10-10) Table 1 replicates provided case 10-10 Cash flow data for companies Yum Brands, Inc., Panera Bread, and Starbucks (Gibson, 2013). Data Reviewed Yum Brands, Inc. Panera Bread Starbucks 2010 2009 2010 2009 2010 2009 Net cash provided by operating activities 1.968B 1.404B 237.63M 214.90M 1.705B 1.389B Net Income – including noncontrolling interests 1.178B 1.083B 111.60M 86.85M 0.948B 0.392B Operating cash flow/current maturities of long-term debt 2.92 23.80 None None None None Operating cash flow/total debt 30.57% 23.27% 72.23% 89.50% 63.06% 55.12% Operating cash flow per share $4.05 $2.91 $7.68 $6.94 $2.23 $1.86 Operating cash flow/cash dividends 4.78 3.88 None None 9.97 None Table 1 Net Cash (Operating Activities) versus Net Income Net income is total revenues minus total expenses incurred to generate those revenues all within the same reporting period. Net income is calculated by the accrual accounting methodology meaning that the expenses incurred to generate revenues are reported at the same time the related revenues are reported. Both revenue recognition and expenses paid may not coincide with actual cash transactions. Net cash from operating activities, on the other hand, is not determined by accrual but by
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