Cash On Hands Case Analysis

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Cash on hand: As of Dec. 31, Clinton’s campaign had spent 98 percent of what it had raised. Trump’s campaign had spent 99 percent of what it had raised. Cash on hand does not account for any outstanding debts. The clinton campaign had a total of $323.3 thousand in cash on hand and the Trump campaign had a total of $7.6 million in cash on hand. Fundraising rate: Both and Trump raised less than president Obama and Mitt Romney did in 2012. Obama had $731M but Clinton $623M, Romney $474M while Trump had $335M. Small money donors: Clinton’s campaign received 16 percent of its money in donations of $102M. Trump’s campaign received 26 percent of its funds from small donations $89M. In the 2012 election cycle, President Obama had raise 32 percent of…show more content…
Of the $621.4M donated to support Republican candidates, 10 percent was raised by super PACs and other independent groups. Ted Cruz raised $93.2M, Jeb Bush raised $34.7M, Marco Rubio raised $50.9M, Ben Carson raised $59.5M, John Kasich raised $19.4M, Chris Christie raised $8.6M, Carly Fiorina raised $12.1M, Rand Paul raised $12.4M, Mike Huckabee raise $4.2M, Rick Santorum $1.9M, James Gilmore raised $389.6Th, Scott Walker raised $9.3M, Bobby Jindal $1.16M, Lindsey Graham raised $4.9M, Rick Perry raised $1.3M, and George Pataki raised $529Th. Methodology: Based on Federal Election Commission data that includes all contributions to the presidential campaigns, their affiliated joint fundraising committees, the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee and single-candidate super PACs and other allied groups as of Dec. 31. Joint fundraising committees raise money for a campaign and party committees raise money for a campaign and party committees and then split the proceeds. All campaign contributions raised through joint fundraising committees have been included in campaign
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