Cashew Industry in India Marketing Plan

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FruitDry* Marketing Plan
Group U1
Anurag Jindal
Harsh Shukla
Likhit Nagpal
Nishith Maheshwari
Sriparna Neogi
*A hypothetical company which exports cashew
Marketing Plan- FruitDry Cashew Industry
MKT2 Group U1
Executive Summary
FruitDry is a hypothetical company which exports cashew and is located in Udupi district of Karnataka. The company purchases cashew kernels from the processing units in the same district and exports it to various countries. The best quality cashew which is exported is grade W180. The company is looking forward to launch this product in the domestic market also. Clearly this will be a premium quality product.
The company will mix salt and spices to the cashews procured from the processing units. As per
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W180 9%
W200 18%
W240 59%
W400 14%
Cashew Availability as per Grades
Marketing Plan- FruitDry Cashew Industry
MKT2 Group U1
 Share Trend:
Over the years the consumption of people in Udupi has increased and because of low cost of living, people are spending more money for better quality and healthy food. This is evident by renovation of major restaurants and hotels in the last 4 years; they have now started focusing more towards quality and people are ready to pay a marginally more amount, the trend is clearly visible in packaged food. Few years ago, market was dominated by local made items like banana chips etc. and now packaged industry is gradually making its mark.
 Competitive Information:
Cashew W180 is available in the market but is with local packaging only. They lack proper packaging and as a result have a very less shelf life. There are no direct competitors for the product, but the cashew of other variants can act as indirect competitors. Even in these varieties, there exist no player which has packaged cashews. Most of them are loose and sold open by retailers.
Market Opportunities
The population of Udupi district and other related attributes are given in the table:
District Population
Urban Population
City Population
Marketing Plan- FruitDry Cashew Industry
MKT2 Group U1
There are approximately a total of 10022 high income families in Udupi which are our
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