Cashtivity: Internal and External Analysis

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The aim of this strategic marketing plan is to analyze the internal and external factors involved with the CASHTIVITY (, ( What is Cashtivity? Cashtivity is an organization that helps you plan and organize your cash activities from bake sales to app sales. Do it yourself or with your friends in school, at home or on the go. Cashtivity is a new project, an internet service that helps young people and the young at heart, to put their business, financial and entrepreneurial ideas and plans into action. Cashtivity commenced operations in August 2011. We are creating and testing two new ground breaking products Cashtivity Web Apps and Cashtivity Campus Apps. Cashtivity's mission is to help young people realize their financial self as well as assist school aged kids, to realize their financial genius. Cashitivity is actually being launched at an opportune time. We are right now in middle (some say coming towards the end but that is unclear) of as recession, and people are now, more than ever, looking to start their own business. This is particularly so since unemployment is still low and it is harder than many a time in the past to find jobs. People, therefore, have to, start considering making their own. In fact, some of the best businesses have started during times of recession (McFarland, 2010), forced to do so by need of survival. Their urgency has helped them

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