Casino & Frank Rosenthal Essay

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The movie Casino produced by Martin Scorsese, is a movie based on the glories days of Frank Rosenthal (also known as "lefty") who ran the Stardust, Fremont and the Hacienda casinos in Las Vegas in 1970's. In this movie, Robert De Niro plays the role of Sam Rothstein, a top gambler who is called by the mob to oversee the day-by-day operations of the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas, and then we got Joe Pesci playing Nicky Santoro, based on the real-life, Anthony (Tony the Ant) Spilotro (Encyclopedia casino (film)). Joe Pesci, is a good friend of Sam that has been called by the Mob to protect him, and at last but not less, Sharon Stone playing Ginger Mckenna, Sam Rothstein's wife. The movie mainly talks about how the Mafia has…show more content…
By giving him such a huge amount of money, he was told to buy several casinos; and this leaded him under the controlled by the Mob (Peleggi.N and Neumann.F). The main reason why they choose him was because he was legitimate, meaning he had a gaming license from that Gaming Commission, which for the mob, he was the perfect front man to covert up everything so that the skimming operation wouldn't be too suspicious . With that money he brought several casinos as told including the Stardust, and was given orders by the mob bosses (Peleggi.N and Neumann.F). As long as the Mob could control who owns the casino, they can control the count room, and begin their skimming operation. The skimming operation consists of polling out the money made day-by-day from the casino and shipping it directly to the Mob bosses back in the Midwest. Rosenthal at that time was in charged of the casinos but he didn't have anything to do directly with the skimming operation. His duty was to assure the Mob that their men in the count room were left alone and that it was filled with money. For years, Las Vegas has been a relatively quiet place. The big bosses were making so much money from the skimming operations that they managed to keep it that way, free of violence. No car bombed, no gun shooting were their policy, they certainly didn't want to have a law-enforcement or scaring away the tourists, so all the problems were settle out of Las Vegas, in the

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