Casino Legislation Impacts The Local And State Economy

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Casino legislation impacts the local and state economy. How it affects the economy fluctuates depending on surrounding circumstances. These circumstances include location and who owns the casino. A local casino will result in changes in Government revenue, public services, and surrounding businesses. Casinos bring a local economy a new tax source and new jobs but it is crucial to look further to see if casinos boost the local economy. In one article the writers state the benefits of the new casino including new jobs and investment. Felsentein, Littlepage, & Klacik (2000) then explain that many casino jobs however require some specific training. This means many employees commute to work. Also some of local casino employees leave previous jobs in community to come work in the casino. The casino is not creating for the local economy if workers are commuting or leaving old jobs (Felsentein, Littlepage, & Klacik, 2000)
Where a casino is located is critical to how it affects the economy. A typical local casino does not bring money to the area like Las Vegas or Atlantic City does. This is because most gamblers in these two areas are tourist. Tourists bring money to an economy. In many local casinos the gamblers live in the same city as the casino. When this is the case, gamblers are not bringing money to the economy; they are transferring money that was already in the local economy. In an article written in 2002, the Detroit Free Press stated casinos were responsible for draining
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