Casper 's Pet Grooming Case Study

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Casper 's Pet Grooming Casper’s Pet Grooming is a Glendale Arizona based dog and cat grooming specialist. The center is state licensed, bonded and insured to offer only the highest quality of service to pet owners. Pet grooming is critical in keeping pets clean, comfortable and healthy. At Casper’s Pet Grooming, we undertake various pet care services, including; flea and tick checks, pet massage, nail trimming, pet bath and hair cut. The other services include teeth brushing, toe nail filing and medicated shampooing. Aside from pet grooming, Casper’s Pet Grooming also performs dental brushing and stocks a wide range of pet care products in the pet shop. We understand that it takes a special person to take care of good care of pets. Since it was founded in 1982, Casper’s Pet Grooming has been emerged as a preferred pet care destination for residents Glendale, Arizona and surrounding areas, thanks to our distinguished pet care services and work ethics. The experienced staffs at the facility are trained to care for both large and small pets. Your pet should be ready for pick up after 1 to 3 hours. If you are looking for an ideal place to have your pet groomed on a regular basis, visit us today or call to schedule an appointment. The center operates every Tuesday to Saturday from 7:30am to 5:00pm. Our Basic Pet Grooming Services 1. Brushing Brushing plays a huge part in pet grooming. Regular pet brushing helps remove dandruff, dirt and dead hairs from pets. Regular brushing

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