Cassius: An Old Man's Failure

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: Cassius been competitive all his life, all thanks to that exquisite father of his. It was something that came with every Cordova, the desideratum to obtain victory. The satisfying taste that he desperately ached for. This behavior came into recognition from his family at the tender age of 5, when he first started gymnastics at the Little Pebble. Along with the other “tumbling toddlers” Cass would outshine the others and loved to be praised. He could perform a perfect flip, whereas his other peers could barely do the splits. He relished the attention spotlighted on him, and wished to pursue it anytime he did something. He displayed great focus and determination, and his parents duly took note of the traits. What Cassius didn’t realize…show more content…
From the vault to power tumbling, the male surpassed expectations in whatever he put his mind through. This reflected in his schoolwork and his life at home, since he was so diligent. Now enrolled at an Olympic-level gym, he had demonstrated himself to be one of the most devoted and finest gymnasts of the collective bunch. Like clockwork, he would arrive at the gym far earlier than anyone to practice, and deemed to be the last person to leave, usually be the one to close up. After an old back injury flared up, he tried to mask the effects with painkillers and wound up with an injury nearly everyone said would prevent him from ever competing again. Cassius was persistent in not to give up, and when his coach found him a doctor who claimed he could operate successfully on Cassius's back, he took the chance. The operation resulted in prosperity and in no time Cassius was back to his old self and training. Because he had been out of game for quite a while, he had grown an inch and became weary with his skills during the time he was sidelined. It seemed as if all hope was lost, until he learned how to be ‘artistic’ as a gymnast. Cass was resistant at first, thinking the routine seemed too feminine…show more content…
He couldn’t cease his feelings as he looked at men the way some females looked that them- with a heartfelt gaze. Being a closeted homosexual, Cassius managed to shield his sexuality from the world and attempted to be as straight as can be. He seemed to attract more girls than he bargained for, but he didn’t mind the attention since it fed his insatiable appetite of an ego. Struggling with his sexuality, he directed his focus to his studies and gymnastics. His futuristic goal was to participate in the Olympics and retrieve the gold medal, and he would not let anyone or anything come in his way of achieving this. Clearly he wasn’t perfect, like any other human being. His competitive approach and his ambition for perfection scared off future friends, but once they took a chance, Cassius held friendship near and dear to him. He is quite selective upon friends, picking out who is earnest and share similar qualities that reflected from himself. He can come across as critical and intense, but the more that people get to know his, they come to learn that he is way beyond what meets the eye. When encountering Cassius at first, he is alert and cautious, but once you pass the walls he has put up, you will see that he couldn’t be a kinder more loyal person. If you can get
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