Cassy In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Cassy is and forever will be the best character in Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Harriet made a story to get rid of slavery. She took her time with this and made her story realistic. Cassy was obviously a character to appeal to the northern ladies' interest. Harriet used parts of another woman's autobiography and got Cassy out of it, which is what probably made it believable. She is the type of character people would want to meet and just have a conversation with. Cassy was beautifully realistic written by Harriet.The reader is introduced to Cassy with a vivid description. She was a smart woman that was hardened by slavery and finally escapes slavery. Even though she was harden and probably was bitter she still didn't let her bitterness let her lose sight…show more content…
Harriet Jacobs is a famous women who wrote an autobiography about her experience in slavery. Cassy and Harriet have major things that they share. Both ladies were mullato and were denied to be married. They were also both sexually abused, but several slaves then were also. Cassy and Harriet both had kids that they were separated from because of slavery. What is truly amazing about both of these ladies is that they both hid in an attic instead of taking the normal route and just making a run for it. In the end both ladies made it out of slavery. Every character in the story was put in to get the point "slavery needs to be abolished." Cassy got her point by using her children and how cold she was to tug at the fragile heart strings. There is truly no way to read this book without getting attached to her, especially not after hearing about her past. Harriet Beecher Stowe used Cassy perfectly in every way. Harriet took her time and got the perfect name to describe Cassy. Cassy wasn't in the book much but still made a major impact and got America closer to breaking the rusting shackles of
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