Cast Away Analysis

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Loneliness is one of the most dominant emotions experienced by human beings. Loneliness is often interwoven with despondency, solitude, and unexplainable emptiness. Many argue that people are in fact alone because they are born alone and they die alone. However, birth and death are not the totality of life. Humans instinctively interact with each other throughout their daily lives, often unknowingly such as a simple smile or greeting. People are not alone because they are meant to interact and communicate with each other, make companions in situations when others are not available, and the aspect of being alone is practically impossible around other human beings. Humans instinctively interact with each other; it is a key trait for the species…show more content…
In the movie Cast Away, Chuck Noland is stuck on an isolated island after his plane crashes due to a ruthless storm. Noland finds himself alone on the island with a Volleyball he later names Wilson. Noland considers the Volleyball his friend and engages in regular conversation with it. Having no contact with other human beings or animate objects caused Noland to behave abnormally. Due to the overwhelming need of a companion, Noland’s imagination created a false character to interact with. Young children who are often lonely face the same symptoms Noland faced on that island. Without real interaction with others, the brain will start to create imaginary interaction in order to function properly. In the movie, Wilson eventually gets lost at sea after a failed attempt to get back to society. Losing Wilson caused extreme depression for Chuck Noland. Not only did he have no real social interaction with others, but he had also lost the imaginary interaction his brain had devised for him. The calamity of Wilson’s disappearance crushed Noland into a crippling depression. Many would give up, as Noland did, because the loss of companionship often leads to the loss of motivation and drive. There will always be companions, whether real or…show more content…
Oftentimes, people confuse loneliness with the state of being alone. When looking at the overall big picture, it is easy to forget that loneliness is temporary. People are not alone because even back in primitive times, they bore a natural instinct to strive for companionship in order to survive. Human imagination creates companions in cases of extreme loneliness which contradicts the state of being alone. Due to societal and family standards, others in society make it practically impossible to be alone. Mankind often goes through life without realizing the overwhelming amount of human contact and support. People are never alone, they are just simply
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