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‘Castaway ‘, directed by Robert Zemeckis, is a 2001 film starring Tom Hanks. Hanks stars as Chuck Noland, a FedEx delivery man whose life is headed in the ‘right direction’, until his plane crashes and he is stranded on an island. He must adapt to his new life on the island; overcoming many obstacles in order to survive. ‘Castaway’ explores three different journeys; physical, inner and imaginative. Chuck Noland is a filmic representation of the philosophy of time equals money equals fulfilment. Zemeckis is deliberate in his obvious manipulation of the responder as he uses a multitude of filmic techniques to create a connection between the audience and Chuck. The physical journey in ‘Castaway’ is Chuck’s struggle to survive all the…show more content…
His determination and faith serve to evoke optimism within the responder and it gives them hope that Chuck will continue to survive until he gets off the island. The impact time has on his life is also evident when he is admonishing FedEx employees. He states “We live or we die by the clock. Never allow ourselves to commit the sin of losing track of time.” He says the same thing to the volleyball, Wilson, when he is planning their escape off the island. The context of when he says it changes the meaning of this quote. The first time it is said he is passionately trying to get workers to be more efficient and the quote is an exaggeration. The second time Chuck makes this remark, death is actually a serious option. Although the timing of his escape is important to him, time is not what is driving him anymore, instead his desire to get back to Kelly. The volleyball, Wilson, becomes Chuck’s only companion on the island. Wilson is Chuck’s need for companionship personified. Wilson is a part of Chuck as Wilson’s face is made of his blood and is the physical manifestation of Chuck’s mental state. “I know you.” Chuck repeats to Wilson and this signifies that Chuck is aware that Wilson is a part of him while demonstrating Chuck trying to reassure himself of who he is. When Wilson is lost at sea, Chuck is devastated at losing his ‘friend’ and one of the only things kept him sane on the island. Chuck’s palpable anguish evokes sympathy and grief within the responder.

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