Castaway Symbolism

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Castaway is a movie about a man who gets stuck on an island because his plane crashed over the ocean. The man, Chuck Noland, was washed to shore on an island where there were no traces of any type of civilization. Chuck survives four years on the island only to come back into civilization and find out the love of his life is married and has a child. Some things that make movies and shows great like this are symbolism, using nature for good, and effective/ineffective listening. One thing that makes movies and shows entertaining and gives them more depth is symbolism. Symbols pop up everywhere in movies and just about everywhere there is a plot. For example, in Castaway Chuck found a volleyball inside of one of the packages that crashed alongside him with the plane, and he eventually turned the volleyball into a figure to communicate to so he doesn’t go crazy. Also in the movie, there were a lot of symbols of time that included Chuck’s hair and facial hair, the clock in FedEx, and Chuck’s weight. Symbols help relate things from the beginning of a story to the end, or they could also symbolize something in the outside world from the movie or book. Another…show more content…
When there is good listening in a story it make the certain character remember what someone said or did so that later in the story they can make decisions based on what was said or done. An example from Castaway was when Chuck was listening to the conversation about his coworker’s wife being sick and when he gets back from the island he apologises for not acting up when he should have. There are some times when communication can be bad or one sided, and that causes for miscommunications and failed communications. An example of a failed or one sided communication is when Chuck starts talking to Wilson the volleyball for his talking needs so he wouldn’t go
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