Caste System, The Scourge of Indian Civilization Essay

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Caste system has been the scourge of Indian civilization and culture. The battle against this oppressive and inhuman is older than even some of the great religions of the world. The first warrior to wage against this system was probably Gautam Buddha who waged the war against this inhuman system in 6th century B.C. No doubt, Buddha was able to put some dents in the system, but after the Nirvana of Buddha, the system once again rose like a phoenix and gained strength to crush humanity. In fact, the system has proved to be the most agile and resilient against the liberal human traditions. According to Porter:
Caste represents the most memorable, comprehensive and successful attempt ever made by an order to oppress humanity in its own
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Their hopes of a respectable life dashed and the people of other religion also treated them as inferiors. In this case, eminent social scientist M.V. Srinivas writes:
The conversion of so called low castes to Islam and Christianity in many parts of India, and to sects such as Sikhism and Arya Samaj in Punjab and Western Uttar Pradesh, was often motivated by a desire to shed the odium attached to being low. But the converts found that it was not at all easy to shake off their caste and that, in fact, they carried it with them to new faith or sect. Indian Islam and Christianity both bear the stamp of caste system; this is not to say, however, that the caste system among Indian Christians and Muslims is same as the caste system among the Hindus. (Srinivas, 80)
In fact, conversion could not provide any respite, but added to the miseries because now they were restricted by the rules of alien faith. The current paper is a study of Bama Faustina’s Karukku. Bama was born into a family of Christian converts. From her childhood she followed the rites and rituals of Roman Catholic denomination. Bama’s grandmother converted to Christianity to escape the tyranny of caste system, but her writings testify that Christianity turned into shackles around their feet. In Karukku, she deals mainly with casteism within Roman Catholic Church. In Karruku,

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