Castillo: Shaping The New World

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Castillo’s work brings to light the history of dramatic writings and performance that helped shaped the New World in a very interesting way. Following Castillo’s thesis, being the importance of examining dramatic writings and performance for their historical importance, is brilliantly and thoughtfully explained throughout the book. Capturing the use of primary sources, translated documents, and in-depth analyzation of plays and writings Castillo claim leaves nothing left to speculation of the importance of drama within the New World. The various sources Castillo employs ultimately makes her thesis; highlighting that drama is not just seen in writings or plays, but also within the ways people began conveying messages. Castillo not only interrupted and analysis works but also provides first hand accounts of the theatrical at play. Castillo points to Cortés’s actions towards the priest as being on such instance of the theatrical. Being the conquer was something easily understood by the natives, despite language barriers. Cortés, as Castillo’s primary sources show, knew the power he possessed through victory,…show more content…
To summarize, with a lack of common lamauge, most European powers resulted to the use of more entertaining ways to convey messages, normally focusing on religion. Such plays as The Last Judgement(page 66) and The fall of Adam and Eve(71) for example, these early Spanish plays were a main focus as Castillo analyzed the importance of their messages via the theatrical display. Expanding upon her sources, Castillo included not only specific examples and plays, as noted before, but also examined how different religions and European powers included dramatic writings to convey a message. Examining Puritan authors like John Eliot and Roger Williams that began producing more dramatic writings and plays, despite their religion’s negative view of the
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