Castle Family Restaurant Essay

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Course Project: Stage II
HRM340: Human Resource Information Systems


Various types of HRIS systems and processes have been reviewed to help Jay Morgan and Family Castle Restaurant run more efficiently as a business. Jay Morgan the Operations Manager, have been using outdated methods for scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions from its employees. Maintaining accurate books and keeping constant communication with the Managers have been a challenge for Jay Morgan. If an accurate HRIS system can be implemented, Jay Morgan will be able to achieve more in business with less time and travel.


Castle Family Restaurant is a family friendly dinning facility that has
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The payroll company that has been chosen to handle the employee payroll volume is ADP (Automatic Data Processing). ADP has been chosen because they consider themselves to be “a single solutions provider” (Automatic Data Processing, Inc, 2012). The services that ADP provides are multifunctional and by using this company, Castle will be able to manage payroll, time and human resources. All three are areas of need for Castle and by choosing ADP for an HRIS system, Castle will be able to streamline multiple business processes. By outsourcing to ADP, Jay Morgan will minimizing the risk of non-compliance issues within current legislation, and miscalculations in time and payroll keeping (Automatic Data Processing, Inc, 2012).

The vendors that are being explored is The Workforce Consultant Group and Panorama Consulting Services. “The Workforce Consultant Group is an implementer-owned workforce management services company specializing in end-to-end software services for Kronos, ADP, Workplace Systems, Workbrain, Ultimate Software and more. Their core strengths include implementations, upgrades, integration, custom reporting, training and support. They listen, adapt, and deliver approach ensures that they partner with clients and they provide a self-sufficient platform through proper scaling and superior knowledge transfer, allowing the

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