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Blas Cuevas DeVry University Human Resources Information Systems Professor Janice Goodwin Stage Two Giving the situation, Castle’s Family Restaurant will benefit best from a payroll HRIS. Most of the payroll HRIS software on the market organizes and simplifies some form of payroll processing. Payroll is initiated by the employee who begins to keep track of time spend on certain activities. A report is generated through some sort of software or web application that reflect these activities, although some activities are being recorded on hand written forms that then have to be transcribed into a computer. One of the benefits of a payroll system is that it will also conduct necessary accounting and may even print out checks.…show more content…
Both provide up to date and extensive software that will simplify all functions of HRM no matter the size of the organization. In one hand, claims to be the “workforce optimizer”. Their services include: comprehensive and affordable benefits packages that include medical, dental, vision, 401k, and life insurance. They will help with the daily HR task of payroll processing, record maintenance, and employer liability management. also offers worker s compensation plan coverage and claim resolution, unemployment claims administration, reporting and agency interface, and EEOC administration to keep up with ever-changing state and national regulations. On the other hand, also offers the same services such payroll services, and HR service. ADP also offers two impressive services that make ADP rise above the competition, which are Time and Attendance services, and Talent Management. Time and Attendance services automates time and attendance tracking via a variety of collection methods including badge cards, biometric time clocks, web timesheets and telephone. ADP's Talent Management provides a system solution to help organizations identify and track the skills of all of your employees through: performance, learning, compensation, and succession management, alongside with talent acquisition. Upon further research, I would highly recommend as the leader in ASP services. ADP is the largest ASP provider in North America,

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