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Castles Made of Sand

The song "Castles Made of Sand" was written by Jimi Hendrix in his album "Axis: Bold As Love," released in May of 1967. This song is basically composed of three narratives of life situations. The recurring theme throughout this song is slight variations of the line: "castles made of sand fall into the sea eventually." The overall message of this song seems to be that love, dreams, happiness and even life itself cannot be depended on to last.

The first verse of the song depicts an argument between a man and a woman. The woman is angry at the man because he is drunk on her doorstep, apparently as he had been many times before. The argument progresses until she slams the door in his face sending him away with harsh
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Their love was not built up to be something permanent but was composed of something as unstable as sand. Possibly Jimi Hendrix is saying that true, lasting love is, in general, a castle of sand, something that is unreachable and intangible in this unpredictable life.

Much similar in idea to the previous verse, the second verse tells the story of a young Indian brave. Growing up this boy played war games with his friends dreaming that someday he would become the great warrior he pretended to be. As "many moons," meaning the years, passed by, the boy continues to dream, strongly believing in the possibility of his dream becoming a reality. The night before his dream could finally come true, his tribe is attacked, and he is killed in his sleep. This verse is also followed by "castles made of sand melts into the sea eventually." The castle made of sand is this Indian boy's dream to become a great warrior, but his dream slipped away never to be realized. This story seems to illustrate the unfairness and unpredictability of life, saying that dreams cannot be held onto to tightly because they easily slip away.

Where the first two verses spoke of intangible things such as love and dreams, the third verse tells of a life slipping away. The story is of a girl who is mute and crippled for life. The words "whose heart was a frown" means that she
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