Castles Of Steel : Book Review

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Saranda Dellovci
Baruch College
Spring 2015

Castles of Steel - Book review

Castles of Steel; Britain, Germany, and the Winning of the Great War at Sea. Robert K. Massie. Ballantine Books, 2003. 865 pages with 23 maps and photos. Paperback. $20.00.

Castles of steel is a book written about the First World War. Robert K. Massie brings us a great overview of what the war was like in 1914. Starting from the beginning of the book, Massie begins with his first chapter of the War in July 1914. This gives an overview of the beginning of the war in which the readers can get a sense of Massie’s knowledge of his overview of the war from which he understands so well. From the list of chapters the war doesn’t really portray many enemies though. This being said, the book gives an overlook more of the heroes rather than the enemies. Massie, a man who studied about the First World War throughout his life, devoted to studying United States History and European History at both Yale and Oxford university. Massie uses a number of maps and photographs in Castles of Steel, which show the point of battle, and gives the readers a sense of the battle and where it took place. Some photographs in his book show of Admirals, ships, battle scenes and important people during the time of war. Castles of Steel is Massie’s fourth book. Taking a look at Germany and Britain from the First World War is explained in detail in Massie’s book Castles of Steel.

Massie’s explanation of Castles of Steel leaves…

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