Castro Rise To Power

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Many people welcomed Castro into their country with a relief that someone was finally going to save them from their previous dictator but they were wrong. Not knowing what the result was going to be they adored him from saving cubans from the corrupt dictator that U.S. backed up. Castro turned out to be their most corrupt dictator they ever had. Cubans believed that Castro was going to be a lifesaver from Batista but they were all wrong. Castro ended up being the total opposite. At first Castro did support his people by providing some education by providing tutors and teachers to teach the people that didn’t have much to read and write. This campaign was very successful. The literacy rate was at 60% and rose to 96%. He had programs that Castro converted Cuba into a communist state which left it with many problems.

Throughout the time when Soviet Union and United States were in an argument about having missiles in Cuba, the people in USSR didn’t know what was going on. Since their government is also communist, the government was controlling what was showing on the news. People in Russia thought U.S. was the bad person in this whole situation. No one knew the United States had nuclear missiles hidden in Turkey nor in Italy. If the Soviet Union would of made an aggressive act it would of been the end of Earth
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Eisenhower, the CIA made several attempt on assassinating Castro. The plan started in August 1960 and they didn’t stop attempting until late 1963. Many challenges that historians have with situations like these is that they couldn’t find out what Castro’s motives were to being so cruel and corrupt. The difference between bias and selection is that bias is more of an opinion that someone stays with and refuse to believe any other way. Selection are more open minded to situations and will be open to hearing both sides of the story. Historical events are identified when it changes the way we live our lives on a daily
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