Castro Valley: A Short Story

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When we finally arrived at Castro Valley, I could already feel the difference. The weather was much colder, and the neighborhoods were not the same as the ones in Los Angeles. It was as if I were in a whole other dimension.
When we arrived at the new house, it felt different as well. The exterior of the house looked more modern, and the smell of the flowers surrounding it was delightful. It didn’t look as old as the house I lived in before.
The neighbors greeted us and gave us a welcome basket full of cookies, chips, and much more. As I stepped foot into the house, I noticed that there was no longer wood crackling each time I would walk. The house smelt as if you had just bought a new car, and it was a lot bigger. I was happy, but that did
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I was frightened, as if kindergarden were happening again. I didn’t want to make new friends. I was scared.
“Mom, I don’t want to go to school,” I complained. Then said, “Everyone is going to laugh at me and bully
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Her name was Andrea. She was very appealing to the eye, and I immediately had a crush on her. I could not stop staring at her and how beautiful she was. The way her hair flowed, and the way she dressed - it was aesthetically pleasing.
Another student gave me a weird look as if he wanted to harm me. Little did I know, he was one of the toughest kids in my grade level, and he had the biggest crush on Andrea. His name was Billy.
On the other hand, meeting all these new faces was not too bad. Everyone appeared to be very friendly, and the teacher, as well as the other students were very welcoming. By the time the bell rung, I was very excited, as my mother prepared food for me to eat when I got home.
While I was walking home, I ended up getting lost because I didn’t know which way I was going due to the reason that I wasn’t used to this route. I heard twigs breaking behind me as I walked. It was suspicious, but I figured that it was just a squirrel in the trees since the school was surrounded with a lot of trees, so I just kept walking. I stopped walking to catch my breath, and Billy jumped out of nowhere. He approached me and began to interrogate me along with a few friends of his.
“Who are you, kid, and why you starin’ at Andrea?” Billy said, glaring.
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