Casua Rstaurant

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Casual Resturants
Reena Racoma
Sharon Strupp

1. How do the dining market and the eating market differ?
The dining and market differ because it depends on the person. Dining is when you are
At dinner with the person you want to be with just talking stories, eating and enjoying each other’s company that’s dining. Eating is when you just go through a fast food drive thru and grab you a bite to eat and eat it somewhere and start eating.

2. What kinds of restaurants are included in the dining and the eating market?
The kinds of restaurants that are included in the dining restaurants would be fast food or fancy restaurants. For example McDonalds, Jack in the box, subway, Chili’s etc… Any place you can
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You could also watch sports while waiting for your dinner or go to the other side of the restaurant and go to the bar and have conversations with your friends while watching the game or

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