Casual Analysis Essay : Obesity Essay

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Casual Analysis Essay: Obesity There is an ongoing problem in the United States. According to the “Associated Press” this all began during the 1980’s and has got increasingly worse, especially in children. For children the obesity percentage has tripled and for adults it has doubled. The “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” tells us that there are 97 million obese adults. This number is expected to increase by over 42 percent by 2030. If a persons body weights is 30% or higher then he or she is considered obese. The leading causes of obesity include fast food restaurants, portion sizes, lack of exercise, and medical reasons. Obesity in America is an epidemic, but in most cases it is avoidable. A large contribution to the obese population in the United States is due to how many fast food restaurants there are. In most U.S. cities it is hard to drive more than a few minutes without coming across one. “Franchise Help” tells us that there are over 200,000 fast food restaurants in the United States and around 50 million Americans eat at them every single day. Fast food tends to be cheaper than a normal sit down restaurants and often times less nutritious. Low income families are more at risk for obesity because they can’t afford healthy food and they lean toward eating at fast food restaurants or buying cheap unhealthy food options. Therefore, the fast food restaurants are helping to increase the amount of obese people in the U.S.. Fast food restaurants don’t want to

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