Casual Effects Of Violent Video Games On Aggression

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In “Casual effects of violent sports video games on aggression: Is it competitiveness or violent content, Craig A. Anderson, and Nicholas L. Carnagey Believes that aggression comes from the violent video games or only competitive video games. It all started in 2002, when ESPN aired and examined the impact of extremely violent sports games on youth’s attitudes towards sports (ESPN, 2002). When ESPN aired this piece Midway games was producing several sports games that had unrealistic violence far enough to just to appeal the non-sports fan or gamer. In these games that Midway games produced they allowed players to control real-life players on the video game platform, and could perform very extreme violent behaviors. It became so excessive that…show more content…
The dependent variable was the CRT group of participants which believed they were competing with another person to see who can see who can press a mouse the fastest after hearing a sound. They were also told the “loser” would be told they would be getting very intense burst of sound which was set by the opponent. Their opponent for these competition was a computer. These selections measured the participant’s aggressive behavior. They did twenty-five trials total. After this the participants completed a survey and asked them why the selected intensities for their opponent. Some of the responses were that they wanted revenge or they wanted to control what their opponent (Anderson, 2009). The results of this experiment was the high intensity aggression of the experiment came true because of the violent-content hypothesis. They also found that the motivations for aggressive behavior was a confirmed by having high intensities from the data confirmed this. Some limitations of this study was the lack of sports represented. Another limitation was the time they had with the participants with the lack of
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