Casual Employment in Australia

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Introduction Over the past decades, casual employment in Australia has become a phenomenon of great concern. With the soaring numbers of casual employment, the debates about the benefits and drawbacks of causal employment have become fiercer. Casualization is a very important form of employment in Australia, which has been protected by workplace law. The majority of casual labor force constantly contact with their potential employers to apply job and confirm the arrangement of working time from month to month, or even week to week. In term of wages, causal workers cannot get paid for the annual holiday leave. However, they can receive more paid than the full-time workers for the same working hours. In this essay, how casual…show more content…
Of course, casual employment is not the only reason for problems in the human resource market. There is no denying that causal workers are also important components of labor force, just like permanent employees and self-employed workers. However, most of people agree that causal labor forces are the most vulnerable group in the job market. When it comes to the influence of casual employment on the economy and individual enterprises, there is little agreement on this issue. Many small companies strongly support casual employees, for the payment for casual employees is far lower than the fixed-employees. Some enterprises go even further, which hire the entire workforce from the casual employment group. Apart from the reason that casual employment can save the cost of the companies, flexibility is also an important reason for them to select casual workers. There are also other managers who maintain that causal employees are not a wise choice for all the companies. This is because many causal workers are poor in skill and productivity with low commitment to the enterprise. Casual employment may meet the short-term demand for both employees and employers, but it may lead to the constraint of dynamic productivity and innovation. This is not in accordance with the long run interests for employers. To distinguish the benefits of employers from the benefits of whole economy is also
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