Cat On A Hot Tin Roof By Tennessee Williams

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Throughout the history of theatre, there have been a multitude of plays that delve deep into the complex relationships between their characters. One play that closely focuses on family relationships is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams. Within the play, the Pollitt family faced an abundance of dysfunction between its members, such as secrets being hidden and marriages facing rough times. The presence of deceit and sexuality in the lives of the Pollitt family has a major impact on the plot of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, as well as on the relationships between these characters. In Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the plot centers on the Pollitt family, a family living in the American south around the 1950s. Brick Pollitt and his wife Maggie have…show more content…
Therefore, Brick may have unintentionally told Big Daddy the truth, when he may have intended to keep this information a secret from Big Daddy. One reason Brick may have tried to keep the information of Big Daddy’s terminal cancer from him was to keep Big Daddy content and free from the probable emotional and mental stress caused by being aware of your impending fate. Brick is shown to care about Big Daddy enough to have been concerned about Big Daddy’s peace of mind. Additionally, Brick did not directly tell Big Daddy that he did not have cancer, unlike Gooper and Mae. Therefore, Brick was more honest and less willing to lie to Big Daddy than the other family members. Additionally, the play addresses the theme of deceit when Big Daddy tells Big Mama that he is disgusted by the “lies and liars” that he has put up with alongside Big Mama’s own hypocrisies (Williams 79). Even though Big Daddy claims to be disgusted by the liars he has to put up with, he also lies at many points throughout this play, so he himself is a hypocrite. One of the major lies Big Daddy adheres to is the fact that he pretends to love and care for his wife and his son Gooper and his daughter-in-law Mae, when he truly dislikes all of them (Williams 110). Maggie tells the truth to Brick that she cheated on him with Skipper with both pretending it was Brick. Brick also mentions that he drinks due to his disgust with
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