Cat Persuasive Essay

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They are in our lives, they are all over the internet, and many people are crazy about them... cats. If you are a cat lover wouldn’t you love a place where you can play and relax with the sweet sound of purring cats? Fayetteville, Arkansas has the best place for you, The Purr Catfe. The Purr Catfe is a café where you get to play with cats are waiting to be adopted. This is a place where someone can get rid of all their worries, relax, and have a snack. Their mission is to give a cat a forever home by giving people a place to bond with the cat and fall in love with them. Lauren Solomon is the head of the café and a huge animal lover. Her idea for the café was to give cats a chance to not live at a shelter, give them a better opportunity…show more content…
So why not start a café where you can play with the cats for as long as you want?” (Solomon). Not only is this a great place to calm nerves, people consider playing with cats a type of therapy. This has been proven to help many people, like college students who might be missing their home pets a little too much. According to The Arkansas Traveler, “Behold the University of Arkansas: 26,000 stressed out, emotionally distraught, ridiculously busy students who may or may not have a mild case of pet sickness– the pet-version of homesickness where in your family animal is the only thing you miss about home. Not only does being around a cat relieve that pent up stress, it has a bunch of other health benefits as well. Cat’s purrs vibrate at 20-150 Hertz, which is a therapeutic vibration that can lower your risk for heart attack and promote bone strength, according to the Catfe’s website.” (Arkansas Traveler). This does not just help college students but everyone else too. The purring of the cats helps a person calm down. So why wouldn’t you want a therapy session for less than ten dollars?
The café moved to their new location to get more business from the local college students. Fayetteville, Arkansas is an amazing place to start or run a business, The Arkansas Traveler stated, “‘Fayetteville was an ideal location to start a business,’ Solomon said.
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