Cat Scratch Disease Research Paper

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Cat-Scratch Disease

Cat-scratch disease is a rare infection that can be passed to people through the scratch or bite of an infected cat. The infection causes a red bump at the site of the bite or scratch. It may also cause swollen lymph glands and other symptoms.
In most cases, the infection is mild and does not cause serious problems. However, a more severe infection can develop in people with other illnesses or problems that weaken their body's defense system (immune system).

This condition is caused by a type of bacteria called Bartonella henselae. These bacteria are present in the mouth or on the claws of cats.

Common symptoms of this condition include:
• A red and sore pimple or bump, with or without pus, on the skin where the cat
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• Headache.
• Sore throat.

This condition may be diagnosed based on your symptoms and history of a scratch or bite from a cat. Your health care provider will examine the skin sore and look for swollen lymph glands. You may also have tests, such as:
• Culture tests of any drainage or pus from the injury site.
Blood tests.
• Removal of a tissue sample from a swollen lymph gland (biopsy) to be looked at under a microscope. This may be done to confirm the diagnosis and to make sure a different infection or disease is not causing your illness.

If the condition is mild, treatment may not be needed. You may be advised to take pain medicine and apply heat to the affected area. A more severe infection can be treated with antibiotic medicine. People with immune system problems will usually be treated with antibiotics because they are at risk for developing a severe infection. This includes people with HIV or AIDS, with an organ transplant, or who take medicines that may modify their immune system.

• Rest until you feel better.
• Take over-the-counter and prescription medicines only as told by your health care
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