Essay on Catal Huyuk an Architecture Perspective

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OUTLINE INTRODUCTION: BODY: • LOCATION • HISTORICAL BACKGROUND • INFLUENCES 1. Religious 2. Social and Cultural 3. Materials • SYSTEM’S ANALYSIS 1. Structural system 2. Enclosure system 3. Special system • ARTS AND CRAFTS • LIFE IN CATAL HUYUK CONCLUSION • THE END OF CATAL HUYUK INTRODUCTION This report talks about CATAL HUYUK, its historical background and location. Furthermore, the report discusses the variable influences that Catal Huyuk went through, and then comes the system’s analysis. Passing through all these stages helps us to understand Catal Huyuk with the architecture perspective, which studies not only the walls and materials but also all relations between the surrounding…show more content…
Three races lived in Catal Huyuk: 60% Eurafrican , 20% circular headed Alpines and 17% thin delicate boned Mediterranean. Adding to the residents, the city was frequently inhabited by emigrants which lead to the variety of arts , crafts, and life philosophy. INFLUENCES: Religious: Catal Huyuk appears to have been a City of Shrines and may indeed have been the sacred center for other settlements on the surrounding Anatolian plain. The oldest shrines show the transition from a gatherer-hunter to an agricultural society. The Great Goddess in the fullness of her being took on various roles. She was the identified as the Maiden, Mother, Crone triad that has been amply documented in the textbook scholarship as the Triple Goddess. She was associated with the three phases of the moon – waxing, full, and waning – as well as with the three worlds – heaven, earth, and the underworld. In her third aspect as crone, she represented old age or death, the final transition into dissolution that precedes regeneration and re-birth. Social and Cultural: The scientists who studied Catal huyuk are not socialists but have come to the conclusion that an egalitarian society or ‘a society with differences in ranks’ existed. Part of the evidence for the absence of social differences is the uniform architecture in

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