Catalyst For Change Essay

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Catalyst for Change

A catalyst is someone or something that causes activity between

two or more persons. Teachers who are visionaries are “never

content with the status quo but rather always looking for a better way”

(Larner , 2004, p. 32). Catalyst for Change teachers are continually

looking for ways to improve their teaching, are problem-solving ways to

implement a new curriculum learned at a recent conference or break-

out session and always having a growth mindset. These visionary

teachers are fulfilling the Catalyst for Change role. They continue to be

agents to pave the way for growth in education.

All schools need leaders who are looking for ways to improve

what they already have. A catalyst is insightful in research-based
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They can make things happen by turning

thoughts into action and are an energy source for co-workers. Co-

workers feel they are easy to get along with, are flexible with ideas

and can organize for maximum productivity. Catalysts for change

must work with colleagues and school leaders to overcome obstacles

that get in the way of reaching their goals.

Implementing new ideas does not always set well with all staff.

Risks and challenges may face these teachers with placing blame on

the motivator. They must take control of the situation and make

decisions that do not cause more playing of the blame game. They

must always show others the big picture and help them to see the

purpose. Treating all people, the same and helping them make the

decisions, will make the process run more smooth.

Teacher leaders can be catalysts for change feeling secure in

their own work and have commitment to continual improvement.

This type of educator or administrator inspires others to follow

their lead as they strive for excellence. They are role models for the

problem solving and risk taking business. They are paving the way

for growth and excellence in an ever-changing world of
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