Catapults Essay

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Since the beginning of time, ancient civilizations have used technology for multiple purposes. It is known that Ancient Civilizations, like the Mongolian Empire, have created weapons to protect their empire. Guns, swords, and bows are some examples of weapons that have been used by major empires but it is also known that civilizations had other forms of technology that were not so advanced. Catapults are one of the oldest from of warfare weapons that have been used for the capture of territories. The greatest have taken part in the magnificents of a catapult. Throughout history, catapults have advanced through different empires and can be explained through multiple theories that were created by some of the most fascinating Scientist/ Physicist in the world.

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Those who mounted the belly-bow would be launching a type of object with their belly on the launcher and that is where reference belly-bow came to be. The belly-bow consisted of a syrinx, a pipe and diostra, then lastly a slider. It was told that the gastraphetes could launch 40 pounds 200-300 feet in the air. With this new form of technology, Grecian engineers were able to evolve the gastraphetes into what we know as a catapult. The Grecians used a ballista creation of a catapult to launch objects into the desired target. To power the catapult, Grecians would use horse hair and an ox tendon. This helped create tension so that they were able to launch objects farther. In dire times of need, the women would cut their own hair to replace the horse hair. They also implemented wheels within their catapults to roll them to their desired spot. Often, the catapults weighed a few hundred pounds and would be nearly impossible for it to be carried multiple times a day. The wheels also made it easier during times of war. The farther the enemy was the closer the troops could have moved the catapult depending on their accuracy. The town of Syracuse was where most of the catapults that were
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