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Nahshon Brown 11/16/11 Human Anatomy 5th Period Cataracts What is Cataracts if you may ask? A cataract is an eye disease in which the natural lens of the eye gradually degrades the visual quality. The natural lens sits behind the colorful part of the eye known as the iris in the area known as the pupil, which cannot be seen unless it becomes very cloudy. This is crucial, because the lens plays a significant role in focusing a light on the retina at the back of the eye. The retina turns light into a neurologic signal that the brains takes and then interprets it to be vision. What cataracts do is block the light passing through the lens therefore causing visual symptoms…show more content…
Secondary cataracts can be formed by if for example an eye was recently worked on for different eye issues and diseases. Traumatic cataracts occur when a year after an event occurs and the eye is damaged cataracts develops. It can occur from blunt trauma to the eye or from exposure of the eye to alkaline chemicals. A congenital cataract is when a child is born with cataracts. Depending on the genes, the inherited condition may be insignificant enough to the point where it does interfere with vision. If the child’s vision is disturbed the lens of the eye will be replaced with synthetic lens. Congenital cataracts can also occur from specific illnesses or infections that the mother has during pregnancy. Disorders such as Rubella and galactosemic increases the chances that your child will acquire congenital cataracts. The last form of cataracts is radiation cataracts. This form of cataracts is caused by an over exposure to ultraviolet sunlight and other forms of radiation. Exposure to sunlight in a prolonged period of time doubles the risk of obtaining radiation cataracts. An interesting point I found was that cataracts cannot spread from one eye to the other. The best way to prevent or try to prevent cataracts from occurring is by doing and cutting back on many different things. Because cataracts Is not completely preventable, you can at least delay its occurrence. You can try to quit smoking, avoiding over exposure to sunlight, and avoid drinking excess

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