Catch 22 Book Review Essay

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Title: Catch-22
Author: Joseph Heller
Text type: fiction novel
The novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, focuses on Captain John Yossarian, a bombardier in the 256th Squadron of the Army Air Forces during World War II, stationed on Pianosa, a fictionalized island in the Mediterranean off the western coast of mainland Italy. After a mentally devastating combat mission Yossarian tried to get out of flying any more missions and get sent back to America. As we follow him on his mission to escape combat we see many weird things happen to Yossarian and his fellow squadron members along the way. The novel is written mostly from Yossarian’s viewpoint, with some chapters being from other viewpoints.
When I first got the book I was expecting more of an action
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While reading the book I found the distorted time line confusing and hard to understand. The story focused primarily on Yossarian’s mission to leave the army, however some chapters based on other’s viewpoints made reference to previous events that Yossarian had not informed us about in the main storyline. I found these jumps back and forth in time rather confusing. At times this makes the book undesirable and unenjoyable to read. I think that this took away from the story as it would have been easier and more enjoyable to read if it was chronologically structured. After I finished reading the book, I understood how everything linked together and how it was carefully structured to allow for easy transitions between chapters and characters view points, but I feel that structuring it chronologically would still have been better for the reader’s enjoyment.

Overall I liked the novel, Catch-22 after finishing it. After some of the confusion of the distorted time line was overcome the drama in Rome and around the army base was highly enjoyable to read about, and despite the muddled up story line the novel flowed really well between different characters’ story arcs. However, I would be in no hurry to recommend this novel to others as I found it often confusing and hard to understand with the distorted time
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