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The book I read was Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. The book was published in 1961(Heller Joseph, Catch-22, copyright page). At the time of release it received nominations for best book of the year ("1962 National Book Awards Winners and Finalists, The National Book Foundation."). The author 's purpose with his book was to provide interesting commentary on war how ugly and crazy war can be but told in a humorous and satirical fashion. He also showed how it could drive people to insanity. Historically the book stirred up controversy at the time of release for the book’s shocking graphic material. It help influence readers to question authority, question the Vietnam War and even help with civil rights(Sparknotes, Catch-22 “Contex”). The…show more content…
‘Why couldn 't you get yourself a girl off the street if you wanted one? The city is full of prostitutes.’ ‘Oh, no, not me,’ Aarfy bragged. ‘I never paid for it in my life.’ ‘Aarfy, are you insane?’ Yossarian was almost speechless. ‘You killed a girl. They 're going to put you in jail!’ ‘Oh, no,’ Aarfy answered with a forced smile. ‘Not me. They aren 't going to put good old Aarfy in jail. Not for killing her.” (Chapter 39, pg.518)
A little bit later the cops barge in only to arrest...Yossarian, for not having a pass in Rome. Even the cops in the world of Catch-22 are insane, it seems that all sense of logic is gone. This is just one instance of insanity that commonly occurs throughout the novel. Even the main character Yossarian is considered insane by other characters since he refuses to fly more combat missions even though everybody else does. This is shown in a conversation with characters Dr. stubbs and Dunbar. - ‘That crazy bastard.’
‘He 's not so crazy,’ Dunbar said. ‘He swears he 's not going to fly to Bologna.’
‘That 's just what I mean,’ Dr. Stubbs answered. ‘That crazy bastard may be the only sane one left.’(chapter 10, pg. 138)
The theme insanity was even established in chapter 1 when Yossarian says “Insanity is contagious. This is the only sane ward in the whole hospital. Everybody is crazy but us. This is probably the only sane ward in the whole

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