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Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 published in 1961 is about a bombardier in World War II named John Yossarian and his quest to evade the ludicrous amount of missions he is being forced to fly. In Catch-22 there are over forty characters that have significant roles excluding Yossarian. Out of all of these characters Milo Minderbinder plays the most significant role in this classic novel. Milo is Yossarian's mess officer who his obsessed with buying and selling for a profit, he also seems to have no allegiance to anyone or anything. In the novel Milo creates a syndicate which spirals out of control leading to several important events critical to the novel. If Milo was eradicated from the text it would considerably take away from the book as a…show more content…
Milo then turned to desperate measures like trying to feed the men in his squadron chocolate covered cotton. Until Yossarian suggests selling the cotton to the government Milo dose not get rid of the cotton. Before Milo gets rid of the he makes one more contract with the Germans to pay some of his cotton expenses. Milo contracted with the Germans to bomb all four of his squadrons wounding and killing many of his own men. "This time Milo had gone too far. Bombing his own men and planes was more than even the most phlegmatic observer could stomach and it looked like the end for him." (Heller 259). Every one was completely disgusted with Milo's actions until he showed every one the profit that he had made. He had made enough to reimburse the government and he made an argument that since the government is the people and the people owned the syndicate there was no need to reimburse the government. After this explanation almost everybody agreed with Milo and with the profit he made he could spend on Egyptian cotton. While performing his duties as a mess officer and managing M & M enterprises Milo had not flown many combat mission. Milo had been overseas eleven months and only flown six missions including the Orvieto mission and when he bombed his own squadrons. Milo asks Colonel Cathcart for permission to fly his missions although he is forbidden to fly even one more mission because M &

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