Catch Me Research Paper

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Do you remember when you were a child you would play make believe or pretend. When you would fly your toy plane in the air with your hand saying “This is your captain speaking,” or when you would play doctor with your brother or sister having to operate to save them from a scrapped knee. One man actually fulfilled those childhood fantasies. He goes by numerous names, (Frank Connors, Frank Adams, and Frank Williams); however, when he wasn’t playing pretend he is known as Frank Abagnale Jr. In the book “Catch Me if You Can: A True Story about a Real Fake” he reflects on the days he worked as an Airline Pilot, Physician, college teacher, and even an Attorney. You may think of him as a genius, and you would probably be correct, however he actually never went to college, in fact he never graduated High School. To begin to understand who Frank Abagnale is we will start by looking at what could be considered his four biggest cons, and then lastly talk about how he turned his life around, started becoming a real person, and finally how he has an impact on almost…show more content…
Litster. Frank almost immediately had a huge impact on how the checks in that bank were handled, for example he had the bank use something called Positive Pay which is a check matching service, which stops almost all altered checks from being cashed. And he also wanted the bank customers use high security checks. However they did not exist at the time, so Abagnale and Litster designed the first true high security check called the SAFECheck. Over the next three years fraud dropped in that bank by 95%. Says Visa later combined with SAFECheck, says So what this means, is that if you either have checks directly through SAFECheck, or through Visa, you will most likely not have to deal with check
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