Catcher And The Rye Character Analysis

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People have many different comfort objects, some big, some small, some round, and some tall. Some people use teddy bears, while others use blankies; people can even sometimes use others as their comfort object. In the book The Catcher and the Rye by J.D. Salinger, the main character Holden goes through many hardships and things usually never go his way. When he is confronted by these hardships it sends him deeper and deeper into depression. Allie was Holden's little brother who died of leukemia when Allie was eleven and Holden was thirteen. Allie's death acts as a weight slowing down Holden’s development and causing him to get lost in grief. Allie’s death also causes Holden to start a long and painful descent into depression. This novel shows the time period when he hits rock bottom and when Holden relives his memories of Allie as a way to alleviate his depression. The more distant things get from people the harder they fight to keep it close. After losing his brother, Holden falls into a deep state of anguish, causing him to shatter all of the windows in his garage and break his hand in the process. Holden is sent to the hospital immediately after this incident and because of Holden's hospitalization, he is unable to attend Allie's funeral to say his final goodbye. Due to Holden’s absence at the funeral, he has a hard time letting go of Allie. This becomes clear when Holden’s sister asks him to “name one thing” that he likes, he responds with, “I like Allie.” She replies,
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