Catcher And The Twins, Romulus And Remus

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I was making sure that everything for the dinner party was ready when I heard a knock on the door. A slave answered, and brought in Paul. “Oh, hello, Paul, you came! Please, sit down right here.” I showed him to the lectus imus, or the low couch. This is where I, the host, would sit, along with a few other guests. “You may sit next to me during the meal.”
He smiled and nodded politely. “Yes, alright. I am honored.” He sat down on the couch while I waited for the rest of the guests to come.
Next came in Aeneas and the twins, Romulus and Remus. The twins were already bickering about who took whose sword. Aeneas seemed to have given up on trying to break up the fight. Romulus and Remus, however, stopped fighting immediately after I stared at them.
“If you would please kindly put down your swords, it would be greatly appreciated,” I said. The swords clunked down with a Clink!. “Now, if you would follow me, I would like to take you to your places.”
I led Aeneas to the low couch, next to Paul, who was already lying on the couch. “Twins, you will be sitting in the lectus summus-- the high couch. Do not argue with me, please, or I will kick you out of this honorable meal.”
Both twins reluctantly closed their mouths and took their seats.
Next came in Cicero. He accepted his spot next to the twins, though he did say, “As long as Julius Caesar, my greatest enemy, is not in a higher status seat than me, I shall honor this meal.” He sat down. I didn’t reply, for I knew where Julius…

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