Catcher In The Rye Character Analysis

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In chapter ten of J.D. Salinger’s, Catcher in the Rye, there are three important concepts: loneliness, depression, and idealism. Holden evinces these concepts when he talks about his younger sister, goes to the Lavender room, and mentions Radio City Music Hall. Each of these concepts builds upon each other, especially the idea that Holden is lonely.
Holden is alone once he arrives in New York after leaving Pencey Prep. Holden’s loneliness makes him think of his younger sister, Phoebe, who has a lot of similar characteristics as Holden’s deceased brother, Allie.
Can someone name the physical traits the Phoebe and Allie have in common? They both have red hair, and they are both younger and shorter than Holden. Now, can somebody list the
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Why? Do you think that he does not want to face the fact that he is alone? Could this make him depressed?
Holden’s loneliness unambiguously engenders his depression because he is constantly thinking about people he cannot talk to nor be with. First of all, loneliness can be a symptom of depression, and Holden is constantly alone because he pushes everyone away, Also, Holden tries to buy alcoholic beverages at the Lavender Room. ““I can’t sit in a corny place like this cold sober. Can’tcha stick a little rum in it or something?”” (Salinger 91). Some people tend to rely on alcohol to overcome the feelings of loneliness and depression, which Holden symbolizes. Holden previously tried to buy drinks while is on the train in chapter eight. One quote states,“It is especially important for boys to handle negative feelings such as anger, fear, frustration, loneliness, and doubt because depressed boys are at special risk for causing or suffering physical damage through fighting, drinking, and other risky behavior” (Denkmire and Perritano, 2010). These examples are faintly shown in chapter ten when Holden is trying to buy drinks as well as dance with older women. Holden’s depression can be an effect of his strong idealistic views.
Holden’s idealistic views can cause him to be depressed because only certain people or circumstances can please
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