Catcher In The Rye Reflection

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The Catcher in the Rye is a 1951 novel written by J. D. Salinger. The main character Holden Caulfield tells the story of his past events during a therapy session. Holden is very tall and thin, he also has many grey hairs just at the age of sixteen. Holden often calls people “phonies” meaning that they are not genuine to how they really feel. His story starts with his suspension from a famous prep school. Instead of going home Holden walks to a train station to catch a train to New York. When he is on the train Holden is seated next to the mother of one of the boys he used to attend school with. Even though Holden does not like this boy he lies and says that her son was popular and says he is going to New York for a Brain Tumor surgery. When he arrives in New York he doesn't know who to call so he takes a cab to the Edmont Hotel. After being denied by a girl Holden goes down to the hotel bar and tries to order a drink. He thinks he will be able to pass since he is tall and has lots of grey hair. The waiter does not allow him and drink and he is also shut down by women who were originally assumed by his act. Holden reminisces about Jane which is one of the few people he actually cared about. Later in the novel the elevator man offers him a prostitute for $5 and he accepts the offer and waits in his room. When she comes to the room she takes her dress off and attempts to seduce him but he says he can't have sex with her because he is recovering from a “clavichord” surgery. It takes him some time but he finally pays her but then she says it's $10. He refuses to giver her more money so she leaves angry. He goes to sleep but is later woken up he opens the door and it's a man standing next to the prostitute. The man pins Holden to the wall and she takes the additional $5. A day after Holden goes on a date with a girl he previously met at the park. They go to a play and after Holden continue to complain about “phonies”. Immediately after the date he begins to think about Jane so he calls her but no one answers. Holden goes home and sneaks up to his family apartment. He finds Phoebe sleeping in their brothers room. After reading through her books he wakes her up. She was very glad to see him. She realizes that he got
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