Catcher Rye : What Is The Hardest Part Of Growing Up?

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Maddie Malakoff Ms.Reid P.5 September 20, 2017 Catcher in the Rye: What is the hardest part of growing up? The hardest part of growing up is having to make tough decisions in the moment. Not knowing if they are right or wrong, but having to use your best judgment. Those wrong choices give you chance to learn and grow from them, while the right choices set you on a more successful path in the long run. For someone it’s easier to access situations for others they are lost. In the novel Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger the main Character Holden Caulfield, a boy from a rich family who is constantly flunking schools and making bad life decisions, like getting into fights and sheltering his feelings from his only friends goes on a…show more content…
Having no role adult role models in his life besides his teachers, he looks to his peers and adopts some of their habits and strategies they use to in tough situations. Since starting off the book we learn that Holden is flunking out of the school he is attending currently (Pencey Prep) and he is planning to leave before the date he is supposed to and take a trip to New York. Right away this is a coming way out of left field because usually, teenagers don’t go into the city for a few days unaccompanied. Before he left the school he got in a huge fight with his roommate, he kept egging him on calling him names and such and wouldn’t stop even when his roommate asked nicely, he got punched but Stradlater (roommate) instantly felt remorse and said “ Why the hell don’tcha shut up when I tellya to?”(pg58) He didn’t want to hurt Holden but felt like he had no other choice than to hit him, and when he felt bad about it, Holden had a blank expression on his face not even considering that he was also at fault. This happens another time in the book when the prostitute and her pimp come back to Holden 's hotel room and he opens his mouth up and gets beaten up once again. Holden said “ You’re a dirty moron, You’re a stupid chiseling moron… and you’ll be---” (p135). He was cut off, punched, and knocked out, his wallet and the money he “owed” they took, and instead of admitting to himself that he made a mistake and gotten himself in a bad situation he

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