Catcher in the Rye Archetypal Analysis

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Jerome David Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, is a work of fiction and a tragic-comedy. It is an interesting and controversial novel. Though controversial, the novel appealed to a great number of people. It was a hugely popular bestseller and general critical success. I chose this novel because of the negative status it has with parents, teachers, and school. I wanted to discover what the roots of this controversy are. The main character, Holden Caulfield, tells about his life before and after he was kicked out from Pencey Prep. The novel was told in first person through the eyes of the narrator, Holden. He recalls the events as a series of flashbacks placing the setting of the story in his mind. I
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Maybe Holden’s alienation is the cause of most of his pains. Just like the character in the movie,” The Good Girl”, wherein Tom Worther is a loner like Holden. Holden’s loneliness was a more concrete manifestation of his alienation. It is both a source of great pain and a source if his security.
And so, Holden left school planning to spend some time on his own in New York City, where he lives. On the train to New York, Holden meets a mother of his fellow Pencey student. Though he thinks that this student is a complete “bastard”, he tells a woman made-up stories about her son. He lied to the woman. But lying to others is also a kind of phoniness, right? A type of deception that indicates insensitivity or even cruelty. Holden proves that he is just guilty of phoniness as the people he criticizes.

The Road of Trials

When Holden arrives New York, he tried to call several people but for various reasons he decided against it. Holden doesn’t seem to know what to do in New York since he is three days earlier as expected by his parents. So he rode a cab and he asked the cab driver where the ducks in Central Park go when the lagoon freezes, but his question annoys the driver.
He turned around and looked at me like I was a madman
“What’re ya tryna do, bud?” He said. “Kid me?

This quotation is Holden’s conversation with the cab driver. I think Holden is being prejudged by the driver. Holden only want to know where the ducks go and he is just interested to
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