Catcher in the Rye: Holden's Insight About Life and the World Around H

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Catcher in the Rye: Holden's Insight About Life and The World Around Him

The book Catcher in the Rye tells of Holden Caulfield's insight about life and the world around him. Holden shares many of his opinions about people and leads the reader on a 5 day visit into his mind. Holden, throughout the book, made other people feel inferior to his own. I can relate to this because although I do not view people inferior to myself, I do judge others unequally.
Holden and I both have similar judgements of people from the way they act and behave. We also share feelings about motivation as well as lack of it. After reading this book, I came to the conclusion that Holden and I are much more similar than I initially believed.

Holden portrayed
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He didn't like it when they showed off because it seemed so fake and unnatural every time they would do so.

"At the end of the first act we went out with all the other jerks for a cigarette. What a deal that was. You never saw so many phonies in all your life, everybody smoking their ears off and talking about the play so that everybody could hear how sharp they were." (pg. 126)

I know many people like this as well. I do not like phonies either. I have many friends who talk using full vocabulary just to try to impress you, and others who make note of everything they see to show you how perceptible they are.
People do this when they have a fear of their own individuality and feel that they need to ace different to get people to like them. Holden and I both dislike phonies. We do not like people who take on roles of others to seem more likeable because they are insecure.

Throughout the book Holden displays a lack of motivation for many things in which he should do. Holden couldn't even call up an old girlfriend whom he knew a long time ago.

"But when I got inside this phone booth, I wasn't much in the mood any more to give old Jane a buzz." (Pg. 150)

Holden also had a problem getting his motivation together in order tocomplete schoolwork and succeed in his prep school. I have similar problems with my motivation and find at times I must be in the mood to do something in
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