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Holden Caufield emphasizes on the loss of innocence in children. He feels that once they lose their innocence, they will soon turn into phonies like everyone else. The loss of innocence is very common in the development in human existence. It is caused by many factors. Past a certain age, children are either forced or led unintentionally into a pathway of corruption. A child is also known to lose their innocence by desires, fantasies, and attention. But once they lose their innocence, they tend to desire to go back and pretend to be young again. In the Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden discusses the importance of innocence in children's lives. He feels that once a child loses his/her innocence, he/she will soon be leaded to a …show more content…
Holden gets very mad when he saw the graffiti on the side of his sister's school. He just don't want young children to see what he was seeing. He felt like painting over the writing. Holden has many roles in this book. He is also trying to keep children from making the same mistakes that he made in the past. He really wants to help them but he doesn't realize that he isn't. Children have to learn what they did wrong so that they know not to do it again. John Claud wrote an article called, Just a Routine School Shooting. Thomas Soloman Jr. was an average 15 year-old boy, who faced the same problems as other teenagers. He attended church and didn't care much about the Gothic life. He attended Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia. No one died but only six students were injured. Thomas had access to a high0caliber weapon but he chose to use a .22 rifle to shoot up the school. On Thursday morning, Thomas, whom most people called T.J., just got over a break-up with his girlfriend, Stacy Singleton. She spotted T.J. entering the school with his father's .22 rifle. Students that attended the high school thought that the first few shots were firecrackers. He began firing into the school's indoor commons. He wasn't aiming and was holding it down towards the floor. Ryan Rosa, a junior was injured in his leg. The shooting ended quickly. The rifle T.J. used can only hold a dozen rounds without reloading. When he was

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