Catcher in the Rye

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J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye provides a provocative inquiry into the crude life of a depressed adolescent, Holden Caulfield. Without intensive analysis and study, Holden appears to be a clearly heterosexual, vulgar yet virtuous, typical youth who chastises phoniness and decries adult evils. However, this is a fallacy. The finest manner to judge and analyze Holden is by his statements and actions, which can be irrefutably presented. Holden Caulfield condemns adult corruption and phoniness but consistently misrepresents himself and is a phony as well as a hypocrite. Holden criticizes phonies although he engages in phony conversations and uses 'phony' words. Before he leaves Pencey Prep, in his visit with Mr. Spencer, Holden…show more content…
Furthermore, Holden becomes attracted to Mrs. Morrow as seen in his personal observations. He said, "she was very good looking" (p54) and "had quite a lot of sex appeal" (p56). The link of older woman is not a coincidence but rather a cognizant attempt to link the three. In his relations with females, Holden sabotages his relationships. When he is with Sally Hayes he starts to fool around with her but when they are in a cab and can only "horse around" (p125). While in the hotel Holden observes the other perverts who arouse him. "I was feeling pretty horny" (p63) he admits, after watching a male transvestite (see above). Next, he decided to call Faith Cavendish, (an 'easy' girl who "didn't mind doing it once in a while" p63) at a time when he knew she could not meet him. Then, when she attempts to make contact with him later he avoids it by declaring, "Tonight's the only time I can make it" (p66). A premium example of his subconscious controlling his rejection of women was with Sunny, the prostitute. In that situation, Holden has a girl alone with him in private, who is willing to engage in intimate relations with him but when she started "getting funny. Crude and all" (p97) Holden gets nervous and says he just had an "operation" in order to avoid making sexual contact. He then loses ten dollars and gets beat-up because he refused to get friendly with a girl. All three of the incidents described above were

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