Catching Fire Analysis Essay

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Could you pull of a guise of love in order to not only save your life but also stop an upcoming rebellion? In this astonishing book, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, this is exactly what Katniss and Peeta have to accomplish with the help of their close friend Haymitch. The failure of this task will lead to an epic adventure through out the land leading to an insane twist ending that nobody could have scene coming. In a post-apocalyptic version of North America known as Panem, this entire story begins to break down. Katniss had just tricked the Capitol into letting both Peeta and her live. Now the Capitol is out for revenge for this act of violence. Katniss needs to appear in love with Peeta to diffuse the rebellion or else they are done…show more content…
This book was very realistic. Every aspect of the book tied into each other so well and managed to do so without contradicting itself with the other books in the series. If you had just crawled out of a whole knowing nothing about the world you could believe this was a non-fiction book. The main reason I think this is because it gives such detail on the events leading to what’s currently happening. There is a deeper social meaning in this book. It warns us what will happen if we let a capitalist society get to powerful. This book demonstrates how if a company or government gets to much strength than the people will lose all control and no longer have a voice. However it also shows how if a government does get to much power than the people need to gather the courage to overthrow and take power back for them. One more thing it could possibly represent is the idea of teamwork. Katniss did not have a chance against the capitol by herself. But due to help for new and old friends, Katniss has managed to survive for now. In conclusion, this book was staggering masterpiece of epic proportions. The entwining plot combined with the deeper meaning behind everything were put together to create a novel that will be guaranteed to be enjoyed by future generations. This book gets an A+ in my opinion. I would recommend whoever has not started this book or even this series, go out and do so immediately. But
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