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When writing everyday, whether it be writing a caption on a new post, texting a friend, or journaling everyday, people do not think of their use of words and how it reflects things about them. The word cloud project takes those words and compiles a list of them that are used most often. I chosed to use summaries that were written on my phone on days that were eventful and I would like to remember. The summaries reflect what I did everyday over the summer and what I liked the most from that day. Categories in my word cloud is summer school, softball, and vacation which show my value in daily activities. The words school, work, lunch, world, and history are present in my word cloud because the weekday after school ended summer school started. I took world history which took five weeks of summer, but I had to go a little out of my comfort zone. There was no world history class at Glendale High School so I had to go to Cresenta Valley High school which lead me to write about my day when I was waiting to get picked up. These are the words that I used most often, and these words are growing in popularity today. I had to do lots of work…show more content…
This summer I went to Oahu with my brother and dad and created many memorable experiences which I wrote about. Some things that I did was go to the Dole Plantation, Zip-lining, snorkeling, and lots of swimming. Dole is the only word that has not increased in popularity but has not decreased. Going to the Dole plantation was very memorable because it was cool to have a Dole Whip from the actual place where pineapples are grown. These words reflect the most memorable events of my summer and my value of forminging memories. Society would view these words as things you would do in summer vacation or some outdoor adventures. Snorkeling is starting to increase in popularity but swimming has made a big jump in
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