Catering Industry in India

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Catering definition
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing single event-based food services. These establishments generally have equipment and vehicles to transport meals and snacks to events and/or prepare food at an off-premise site. Banquet halls with catering staff are included in this industry. Examples of events catered by establishments in this industry are graduation parties, wedding receptions, business or retirement luncheons, and trade shows.

Restaurant or Foodservice definition
Organizations in the Food Services and Drinking Places prepare meals, snacks, and beverages to customer order for immediate on-premises and off-premises consumption. Some provide food and drink only;
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But it fixes only on estimates of Demand and supply. Hence any unreasonable increase in produces is restricted and is working in favor of catering industry. Hence Gone are days when onions made people cry by selling at exorbitant prices.

₧ Govt. should take up initiative of setting up more number of APMC markets.(Agriculture Produce Marketing Centers). The reason for this is that villagers/farmers can directly sell goods in these markets without intermediaries coming in to picture, which obviously decreases the prices of raw materials required in catering industry. According to a study `Vegetables, fruits` etc offered in local market are extrapolated to an extent of 100% of their cost prices.

₧ Permits, Licenses: as in case of caterers who offer additional services like Liquor etc, certain types of permits are required which are for limited time-periods. Although this is a socially good move but it still hampers the industry as it is said, “it is not what goes in is bad, but it is what comes out is bad”. In addition, there are other restrictions like time limits (after 11 pm drinks will not be served etc.) and with a ban on certain category of bars, it is anticipated some pressure will shift on Catering industry (Hotels etc.).

₧ There are also legal/constitutional factors, which have impact on this industry. like The
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